TV’s 10 Deadliest Monsters

Last Sunday, Showtime premiered “Penny Dreadful,” a new period drama that features several of the Victorian era monster characters including Dr. Frankenstein and his Monster, Dorian Gray and Mina Harker from Dracula. 
While it’s too soon to tell if “Penny Dreadful” will be a breakout hit for Showtime, it is refreshing to see some of these characters back in their original context. It’s only within the past two decades that TV has evolved enough to depict some truly scary characters on screen. But we live in an age where the monsters can finally be monsters.
In honor of “Penny Dreadful,” we’ve combed through television’s recent history to assemble a list of the 10 Deadliest Monsters of TV. Not everyone on this list has supernatural origins. And there’s at least one monster on this list who is extremely dangerous even without any powers at all. 
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