Teyana Taylor Says Brandon Jennings Took Her Virginity

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Teyana Taylor is a 23-year-old musician signed to Kanye West's label who went on 105.1 Thursday to talk about her music. Oh, and the fact that Detroit Pistons star Brandon Jennings took her virginity.

I'm going to do us both a favor, avoid all the puns, and get right to the story…

The two were once engaged but are now separated, so it shouldn't be much of a surprise the two were knocking boots. Probably the biggest surprise through this riveting bit of gossip is the fact that a 23-year-old performer recently lost her virginity.


During the interview, Taylor revealed all sorts of intimate details — including the fact she made Jennings wait two years AFTER they were engaged before she gave up the "goodies."

Taylor — who's 23 — also says she hasn't slept with anyone other than Jennings … but says, "When I'm ready to have my second … I'm gonna do that."

Jennings is now dating one of Taylor's ex-friends — but Teyana says she's not bitter at Brandon. In fact, she says she wishes him nothing but happiness.  As for BJ's new chick, Taylor says she feels betrayed.

I have two words: who cares?

I guess you do. You clicked on this story.

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