2014 Honda Civic EX-L Navi: Happy Little Coupe

There’s a little Honda sedan that got all crazy, shed a couple of its doors, stuck its back end out and decided to become a fun coupe.

The 2014 Honda Civic EX-L Navi could’ve gone very safe and boring. Instead, its designers decided to give it a sportier exterior line and an interior full of friendly, easily accessible features. The result is a $24,000+ car that should appeal to everyone from young drivers to family folk looking for a car they can count on, but with a little flare.

A small, 1.8 liter engine produces 143 horsepower — while keeping weight down and helping to provide a maximum mpg of 38. Still, the Civic has enough acceleration for street driving, pushing out of tight spots when necessary.

The EXL-Navi takes its name from an all-inclusive interior trim package with a seven inch navigation screen. That’s joined by a premium audio system and big, friendly digital readouts for speed, fuel, etc. 

The drive feel remains a little spongy — a feature shared by many Hondas. The automaker seems to opt for a gentle feel for its from MacPherson Strut and rear multi-link suspension throughout its line, with the exception of its deliberately sporty models. The resulting ride is comfortable — a safe bet for the widest swath of the marketplace. But, for more dedicated drivers, that choice separates the senses from the driving surface a bit.

Still, that might be niggling since most of the car buying public couldn’t care less about driving excitement. The masses want reliability, comfort and an exterior that exudes just a little bit of aesthetic class. The 2014 Honda Civic EX-L Navi delivers on all fronts.