In Case You Missed It: Brewers’ Maldonado Knocks Cover Off Ball

"Come on now, kid! Knock the cover off the ball!" A very common expression in the baseball world; a form of encouragement for the batter as he approaches the plate.

Of course no one really expects the hitter to knock the cover off the ball, more so a hope to just see a frozen rope; a base-knock; a line drive; a humdinger.

In fact, the phrase was glorified in one of the most famous baseball movies of all-time, The Natural.

And wouldn't ya know it, it appears we have a real life Roy Hobbs on our hands. Well, it seems the Milwaukee Brewers do … in Martin Maldonado?

The hit came Friday night in Pittsburgh when Maldonado — the Brewers' backup catcher — literally knocked the cover right off the ball while hitting a routine groundball to Pirates third baseman Pedro Alvarez.

The Brewers won 5-3. Maldonado has 12 career home runs and a .227 career batting average.

And just in case the video above gets taken down by the time you read this post, here it is again on

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