Exclusive Preview: Superboy # 30

For anyone who may have fallen behind on Superboy, it’s important to know that this isn’t the Superboy you thought that you knew.
Kon-El is dead, and in his place (and using his identity) is Jon Lane Kent, the evil son of Superman and Lois Lane from an alternate future. Unlike Kon-El, Jon hates all superheroes and he plans to wipe them all out. The aftermath of Forever Evil may give Jon a chance to further that agenda.
But in this exclusive preview from this week’s Superboy # 30, Jon discovers that the specter of Kon-El may not be gone entirely. And how long can Jon maintain the charade before Kon-El’s friends realize the truth?
Superboy # 30 hits the stands this Wednesday, April 9 courtesy of writer Aaron Kuder, artist Jorge Jimenez Moreno and the rest of the Superboy creative team. 
Superboy 30 page 1
Superboy 30 Page 2
Superboy 30 Page 3
Superboy 30 Page 4
Superboy 30 Page 5
Superboy 30 Cover