PaleyFest 2014: ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Cast Interviews

Photo Credit: Michael Bulbenko ​for Paley Center for Media


The final night of PaleyFest 2014 was an evening with “American Horror Story:” Since every “American Horror Story” season is a different story, PaleyFest focused on “Coven” and the cast of the third season. “AHS” creator Ryan Murphy just announced that season four would be “Freak Show,” and set in 1950s Florida, so we’re all looking forward to that too. 

Jamie Brewer

Photo Credit: Michael Bulbenko ​for Paley Center for Media

My first interview was with Jamie Brewer who appeared in the first and third seasons of “American Horror Story.” In the first season, she played Addie Langdon, the daughter Constance (Jessica Lange) was caring for. In “Coven” she got to play Nan. Spoiler alert for previous seasons of “American Horror Story.” 
CraveOnline: Would you have liked to be in “Asylum?” Would there have been a role for you?
Jamie Brewer: If there was a characters, yes, I would have. Honestly, Ryan chose to keep me out of it because of the maturity in it. It all dealt with mental capacity and mental state, what happens to people mentally. Ryan said, “Okay, I don’t want Jamie for that. I know that she probably could do that but I want to keep her out of it.”
What was your favorite moment from “Coven?”
Jamie Brewer: There’s a wide variety. Everybody’s a huge family. We mold into a huge family every season.
Is there going to be a role for you in season four?
Jamie Brewer: I hope. 
Have you talked about it yet?
Jamie Brewer: I’m going to ask. I’m probably going to ask, I know that there’s going to be a question about that tonight.
In the first season when Addie got hit by a car and died, was it hard to play the death scene?
Jamie Brewer: It was hard on my end at times. It actually turned out really great. Even though the emotions ran high between Jessica and I, and everybody else at times, it’s amazing that I actually held my own on the emotional side with what Adelaide had to go through. 
Yes, it was tragic. That was your first acting job, right?
Jamie Brewer: Actually, it is.
So to have a big death scene in your first job, was it tough?
Jamie Brewer: Honestly, yeah. I’ve been involved with theater and started with the theater in 8th grade. Later on, as I matured and became an adult, I realized that I can change lives easier through the arts than medically.
What was your first 8th grade play?
Jamie Brewer: That has been a while to remember, but I started back then.
Did you ever consider going into a medical field, to have made that comparison?
Jamie Brewer: Honestly, I thought I would be okay with it but I had this really bad dream one night, literally spending my entire life taking care of my parents at that age, and I can’t do that. I am supporting my family and taking care of my parents in my own way, but not medically.

Denis O’Hare

Photo Credit: Michael Bulbenko ​for Paley Center for Media

Denis O’Hare was in the same two seasons of “AHS” as Jamie Brewer, skipping over “Asylum.” Will it be every other “American Horror Story” for Denis O’Hare?
CraveOnline: Are you going to be in “Freak Show?”
Denis O’Hare: I don’t know. We are in talks and we’re hoping to get resolution. I will do anything for Ryan. He knows that and I would hope so.
What was your favorite moment from “Coven?”
Denis O’Hare: I love so many moments. I love being in my little dollhouse room sitting with my dolls. I absolutely loved it. I also loved Jessica in bed when we had that little scene where I fed her medicine to make her revive. I just love that whole scene. I also love everything Frannie Conroy did, that was great and I also loved watching Kathy Bates. I thought her scenes were so fantastic.
Are there any cool extras on the DVD that you’re involved with?
Denis O’Hare: I don’t know. There was one scene we did that got cut, a sex scene between Emma Roberts and I. 
From which episode?
Denis O’Hare: I can’t remember. It was a pretty intense scene and I’m curious to see what it looked like. 

Frances Conroy 

Photo Credit: Michael Bulbenko ​for Paley Center for Media

Frances Conroy has been in all three seasons of “American Horror Story.” In season one, she switched off with Alexanda Breckenridge depending on who was in the scene with their character, Moira. She played the Angel of Death in “Asylum” and the head of the Council, Myrtle Snow in “Coven.” Of course she was also Ruth Fisher in “Six Feet Under.”
CraveOnline: Are you going to have a role in season four?
Frances Conroy: I am. 
Do you already know what it is?
Frances Conroy: No. I’m sure I won’t know until we begin.
Does the title “Freak Show” give you any pause or excitement?
Frances Conroy: You know, Ryan has a very rich mind and I just am going to wait until he tells everybody what’s going on. Until then there’s no point in burdening my mind imagining things. There’s no point at all.
If it were a character that involved prosthetics would you be game for that?
Frances Conroy: Again, I just have to talk to Ryan and find out what he’s got in his mind. 
What was your favorite moment from “Coven?”
Frances Conroy: I loved playing the piano and the theremin. I thought that was really cool to play those instruments and learn those pieces. I had a lot of wonderful moments in “Coven.”
I write a column called Best Episode Ever and one of these days I’m going to have to do “Six Feet Under.” Can you help me narrow it down?
Frances Conroy: Well, I was just going through old scripts and I happened to be on the final episode, and I just thought, “Oh God, this was such glorious writing.”
It really is the finale, isn’t it? It may be the only time I pick the finale as Best Episode Ever.
Frances Conroy: The finale, it was just gorgeous. It was really sublime.