Is Mike D’Antoni Leaving Lakers For College Ranks?

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles LakersThe basketball world is abuzz with word that Marshall University has reached out to Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni to garner his interest about their head coach position. 

Marshall fans are thrilled at the possibility as are delusional Lakers fans desperate to dump him and get back to their glory days. D'Antoni played at Marshall from 1970-1973 where his jersey is now retired. D'Antoni ranks 2nd in assists and 27th in career points for the Thundering Herd.

Would D'Antoni actually take the step down from the NBA to the college ranks and coach a C-USA school? It sounds crazy, but its possible.

The Lakers are 24-47 right now and the Laker fan base wouldn't be sorry to see him go.  D'Antoni has two seasons left on his Lakers contract but only next season is guaranteed. Some feel D'Antoni shouldn't wait for the inevitable pink slip. Here is why the Italian Stallion should take over his alma mater.

No More Kobe Bryant

I could not imagine a more arrogant and unlikable player to have to coach. The Lakers and their fans won't be happy until Kobe Bryant plays, coaches, and hell, probably owns the team. Kobe can do no wrong in L.A. Plus, any time there is any management, personnel, or trade decisions, Kobe has to give his opinion on the matter.

When the Lakers traded Steve Blake away earlier this season, Bryant sought out twitter to say that he wasn't "cool with it at all." Really, Kobe? Should anyone care about your opinion? Do you run the team or do you just work for the Lakers? Shut up.

D'Antoni knows the awful person and un-coachable player Bryant is, but he will never come out and say it. We all know it.

It was reported recently that Kobe Bryant has no interest in playing for D'Antoni again and wants the Lakers to make a change. Once again, apparently Kobe runs the asylum. A coach with his own ego has to tire of an arrogant jerk who throws his teammates and coaches under the bus for every failure and never accepts any of the blame himself.

Save yourself from this dumpster fire, Mike. Let the Lakers get another coach for Kobe to devour.

The Fans

No more fake Lakers fans to deal with, Mike. You can actually rest easy and not deal with the stress from being heckled by trophy wives and girlfriends who are filled with plastic and have enough botched face lifts that they now look like a Mr. Potato Head doll.

No more cries from the female 'fans' telling you to put Shaq in so you can score a touchdown. No more 'fans' that are dressed like they're going to a club instead of a ball game. No more dealing with fans who only care when your team is a contender. No more celebrities giving you advice like "You know when I was on set of Under Siege 2 we used to do this…" 

Go back home where you are loved and appreciated. Marshall hasn't been to the NCAA tournament since 1987 and they're winless in tournament history. You go back and get back to the tournament and maybe, even win a game, you will be a god in Huntington, West Virginia. 

The Opportunities

How many movies or commercials have you got since being with the Lakers, Mike? You are right there in the Hollywood area and your agent still hasn't landed you an acting gig. If you go to Marshall and succeed, you will probably be the focus of a We Are Marshall sequel. They might even get the guy on the Pringles-can to play you.

Success is a possibility

Look at Larry Brown. He took over the SMU Mustangs two years ago when they were 13-19 and this season got them ranked, and despite being snubbed for a major NCAA tournament bid, has his squad in the NIT semi-finals. Huntington has some ballers in their own backyard who have come from that area like Patrick Patterson and O.J. Mayo. Also with Huntington Prep being right down the road you have a head start over other coaches in regards to recruiting.

Huntington Prep gave us Andrew Wiggins last year, so you get the idea,

And finally, the best reason Mike D'Antoni should take the Marshall head coach position.

Kobe Bryant doesn't play for Marshall

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