Travel Squibs: Heritage Steak Quality No Mirage in Vegas

This Travel Squib offers you a picture resembling a hunk of beef suffering from male pattern baldness.

In actuality, that’s a multi-inch thick cut of lean filet prepared to perfection at Heritage Steak. Located inside MGM’s Mirage hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Heritage is already on the move up the national steakhouse ratings.

During a recent press event, I had the opportunity to enjoy a sample menu from appetizers to a signature hunk of beef. 

I started with the Charred Octopus because, honestly, how often do you get the chance to start a meal with crispy octopus? I could’ve made an entree out of that tentacled appetizer, but meat awaited.

The safest bet on the menu had to be the Natural Prime Filet. But, I take a chef’s word when I hear it’s the most boring cut of meat they cook. So, I chose the New York Strip for a little more marbled cut. It was perfectly seasoned with just a little heat and prepared to perfection.

The other steak houses in Vegas and around the country know about Heritage now, and it’s reputation will only continue to flourish if it maintains the quality I sampled that night.