VIDEO: Christopher Walken Dances Through Four Decades

If you know nothing else about Christopher Walken — not his often-imitated, never-duplicated diction and cadence, not his indelible film performances, not even his shockingly sharp comedic skills as evidenced in multiple "SNL" guest stints — know this…

Christopher Walken is a dance machine.

Yeah, the guy usually associated with playing dour sad sacks or menacing heavies absolutely can not control his happy feet.

In fact, his unbridled need to shake it has been there all along during his four-decade career on the big screen.  And in this awesome new video — posted at, among other places, Crave site Geeks of Doom — you can see every swing, rumba, twirl, waltz and general rhythmic body gyration Walken's committed to film over the past 36 years.

Yep, 4 minutes and 47 seconds of Christopher Walken dancing through nearly 60 different films (and after you watch that, cap this all off with Walken's dance masterpiece in Fatboy Slim's amazing "Weapon of Choice" video).  Don't say your friends at Crave don't love ya…enjoy!