Grand Theft Auto V’s Lamar Actor Get His Own Show

“You soundin’ more and more like a snee-eye-itch every day!”

If you’re anything like us, then Lamar Davis was one of your favorite bits of comic relief in Grand Theft Auto V.  Well, looks like the man behind Lamar is getting his own TV show.

As reported by Crave gaming site Destructoid, the actor who played Lamar, Gerald “Slink” Johnson, will soon star in the new Adult Swim series “Black Jesus.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Johnson will play the son of God, living large in 2014 Compton “on a daily mission to spread love and kindness throughout the neighborhood with the help of his small but loyal group of downtrodden followers.”

And if that wasn’t enough for you to check it out, the show will also star the one and only Charlie Murphy. Guaranteed hilarity…

The show, created by Boondocks mastermind Aaron McGruder, will premiere later this year.


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