5 Funny Instant Date Pranks

Thanks to this newfangled internet and all them apps, the kids all have the ADD. So what’s the future of dating look like in a world where nobody has the patience for arranged blind dates, seeking out people at parties, or messaging back-and-forth on a dating website? Check out these videos of 5 instant date pranks:


Instant Date Pranks: The Button

He has another button to fix his pale skin.


Instant Date Pranks: On Campus

How do you get to the library? Also, how do I get… to your heart?


Instant Date Pranks: Blind Date Mistake

F*** James.


Instant Date Pranks: UK Edition

God, does every girl on that street has a boyfriend?


Instant Date Pranks: Classy

I like how confused/mistrustful the guy is about all the stuff happening.


Geoffrey Golden is a bestselling author and Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator comedy magazine. 


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