Need for Speed: Our Top 5 Questions

Need for Speed Top 5 Questions

Have you got the need…? The need… for speed? The need… for Need for Speed?

If so, you must be interested in seeing Scott Waugh's adaptation of the hit video game, starring "Breaking Bad's" Aaron Paul, when it hits theaters on March 14, 2014. You've seen the trailers, and those car chases look pretty darned cool, but they don't tell you a damned thing about the movie. Aaron Paul is on a mission of vengeance, Dominic Cooper wants to stop him, but how does that mission of vengeance work? What is Paul driving towards, or even driving for? Will anyone even want to see Aaron Paul in a role where he isn't guaranteed to punctuate every other scene with an epic "Yeah, bitch?!"

We all have our questions. What follows are CraveOnline's Top 5 Questions about Need for Speed, and why the answers to those questions may even matter.

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