How Dale Earnhardt Jr. Celebrated After Winning The Daytona 500

While his father was one of the most popular and successful drivers in NASCAR history, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has arguably been the most beloved racer in the sport over the last decade. The only issue — unlike his dad — has been winning. Not Sunday.

Junior won the Daytona 500 in 2004 just three years after his father's death on the final turn at the track, but hadn't experienced a victory as meaningful since.

After finishing in second place two years in a row, Dale Jr. finally won Daytona again Sunday night and the emotion poured out afterwards was astounding. The win broke a 55-race winless streak for Dale Jr. and his team and fans took notice.

In case you missed it, the race ended on a spectacular finish that involved two large wrecks on the final 10 laps, one being on the final turn.

Dale Jr. drove around the track in the opposite direction following his win so that he could celebrate with his fans face-to-face while waving his victory flag before burning out his tires doing donuts.

He then did all his ceremonial duties before taking to Twitter and posting some of the most humble yet feel-good posts seen in sports.


If seeing this picture doesn't make you smile you need to check to see if you have a heartbeat. 

Dale Jr. ran on only one-hour sleep Sunday night after doing interviews and has spent all day Monday traveling across the east coast doing 'media row,' which includes stops for the The Late Show and ESPN.

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