Oscars 2014 VIDEO: Oscar Party Planning Tips

We’re almost there! CraveOnline​’s William “Bibbs” Bibbiani and We Are Movie Geeks‘ Melissa Howland have already started unleashing their Oscar predictions, but what about Oscar party planning tips? You don’t have to dress up fancy and hobnob with the stars to get your Oscar party fix, although if you can we recommend you do that instead.

In the latest event update video, Bibbs and his B-Movies Podcast co-host Witney Seibold are joined by Angie Seibold, Witney’s wife, to help reveal their Oscar party planning tips for 2014. You will need dart guns. Lots and lots of dart guns. Make sure everyone is armed and shoot the screen whenever you see something that sucks. Hate the winning film? Shoot the screen. Dear god, who thought that dress was a good idea? Shoot the screen. Just remember that it’s not cool to fire during the “In Memoriam” montage, and that safety is always a concern, so play nice.

They also recommend putting together a menu based on this year’s nominees. For Dallas Buyers Club you may want to fire up the barbecue or prepare a hearty cauldron of chili. For Nebraska, offer a hearty selection of beers. For Gravity, get your hands on some freeze-dried ice cream. For Philomena, make sure you’ve got some Guinness and a salad made with extra croutons. For American Hustle, offers a selection of snacks you can nuke in the science oven. For The Wolf of Wall Street, a bowl of goldfish crackers should do the trick. For Captain Phillips, any sort of actual fish will do just fine. For Her, this would be a great opportunity to unload some leftover Valentine’s Day candy. And for 12 Years a Slave, respectfully refrain from cheapening the memory of one of America’s greatest atrocities by not reducing the issue of slavery to a clever menu item. You’ll be glad you did.

And of course, make sure you print out plenty of Oscar ballots for all your guests. (You can find a handy-dandy version at Oscars.Go.com.) If you’re hosting, you may want to include some prizes. Rummage around a nearby used DVD store for unloved films starring this year’s Oscar nominees. You can probably pick up cheap copies of Reign of Fire (starring Oscar-nominee Christian Bale), Talladega Nights (starring Oscar nominee Amy Adams), He’s Just Not That Into You (starring Oscar-nominee Bradley Cooper) and The Beaver (starring Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence) without too much trouble… and that’s just the nominees from American Hustle.

If that’s more effort than you’re willing to put in, just make a donation box for everyone in attendance who wants to try their hand at predicting this Oscars. Set a reasonable amount for all the participants and make sure you agree on a figure before the telecast begins on Sunday, March 2. If enough people show up, even a $2 wager can add up to big money for whoever guesses the most winners correctly. You may also want to set aside a booby prize, or at least a small percentage of the funds, for whoever guesses the most categories wrong, as a reward to any partygoer who has too time-consuming a day job to dedicate much time to watching the nominees and following the buzz. That way everyone has a motivation to play.