10 Big Mistakes That Killed ‘Heroes’

Earlier today, NBC made the surprise announcement that “Heroes” will return in 2015 as a new 13 episode miniseries, “Heroes Reborn.” 

Series creator, Tim Kring will executive produce “Heroes Reborn” and introduce a new cast of characters. Some of the originals may return, but several performers already have gigs on other shows, including Hayden Panettiere, Masi Oka and Milo Ventimiglia. 
While “Heroes” fans may be happy about the revival, it’s worth noting that “Heroes” spectacularly flamed out after only four seasons. For the first two seasons, “Heroes” was among the top rated dramas on TV. But as the show declined in quality, viewers abandoned it in droves.
It wasn’t as if fans suddenly turned on “Heroes.” The show brought about its own destruction through a seemingly never-ending series of creative missteps and bad decisions. When it came time to list the reasons that “Heroes” didn’t last, it was hard to keep it at only ten items!
Nothing would make me happier than to see “Heroes Reborn” recapture the magic of “Heroes” Season 1. Although hiring “Heroes” veteran Bryan Fuller (“Hannibal”) in any capacity would go a long way towards achieving that. If the second life of “Heroes” is going to turn out any differently than the first, these are the kind of mistakes that can’t be made again.
This is my list of the 10 Things That Killed “Heroes.” Feel free to add anything I left out in the comment section below!