Travel Squibs: Steaks Go Art Deco at Hawksmoor London

SQUIB: a : a short humorous or satiric writing or speech; b : a short news item. (Merriam-Webster)

This Travel Squib guarantees that you can get an excellent steak in London – a city not always known for its beef outside a Sunday Roast.

The Hawksmoor Air Street is one of London’s best looking affordable restaurants. Located off famous, bustling, travel friendly Regent Street, the Hawksmoor serves a mix of locals, business folks and tourists looking to get away from the tired international chain joints.

This Air Street edition boasts an impressive, throwback art deco design with upstairs windows looking down over London’s hustle and flow. The steak and seafood friendly menu relies heavily on a comfort food theme. I can recommend the bone-in sirloin (since I believe too many steak fans avoid the bones and opt immediately for the filet), joined by the beef dripping potatoes and the lobster mac and cheese. If you insist on bringing veggies into the fray, there’s a healthy salad menu on standby.

A full bar can supply any liquid lunch or happy hour cocktail date, all surrounded by a warm, wood-lined ambiance that transports the diner back to the 1920s. Any Regent Street diner that turns away from the Hawksmoor and opts for meal from a mass market restaurant should have his or her Oyster Card confiscated.