Exclusive: Alice Eve on J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Apology

Star Trek Into Darkness Alice Eve

Alice Eve was my Valentine today. We had a phone interview for her latest movie, Cold Comes the Night, which will be on DVD and Blu-ray March 4. We’ll have the full interview in March, but of course I got to talking about Star Trek with Eve. She had some thoughts on Carol Marcus’s role in future Treks, but I also asked her about the controversy over a shot of Carol in her underwear. J.J. Abrams admitted on “Conan” that he thought he may have edited the scene wrong.

“J.J. is a gentleman through and through and was responding to what needed to be responded to,” Eve said. “But that was a decision that I made with J.J. It certainly wasn’t made for me.”

As for her attachment to the third Star Trek, Eve was optimistic. “I really look forward to getting together again if we manage to and I hope it will be soon. I loved that experience.”

If you haven’t yet seen Star Trek Into Darkness, the rest of this news item is a spoiler. However, most Star Trek fans probably have questions about what happens next, so here is fair warning of the upcoming spoiler.

Midway through Star Trek Into Darkness, Carol found out that her father (Peter Weller) was a conspirator, and even attacked the Enterprise. Weller is definitely not in future Star Treks, so Carol could be dealing with her father’s death in a future entry.

“If things are right and healthy, that’s the natural order of things,” Eve said. “Children lose their parents. Better than the other way around.”

Given the circumstances of his death, and Carol witnessing his attack on the Enterprise, that could give her a lot more with which to deal. “That’s intense, isn’t it? I expect there will be a sense of relief as well as her grief in that recovery. I think she’ll cope just fine. She’s a tough cookie, Carol Marcus.”

Eve was also on the final season of “Entourage” with Vincent Chase proposing marriage. Alas, Eve is not signed for the Entourage movie.

“I don’t think I am,” she said. “I’m not sure if Vince could be Vince if he was married.”

When I brought up that Vince was so in love with her character, Eve taught me a new word. “Well, there’s such a thing as limerence, Fred. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it.”

I looked up “limerence” to find out what it meant. It comes from psychology Dorothy Tennov’s book Love and Limerence to describe an obsessive attachment to one you love. “It’s a good concept,” Eve said.

Cold Comes the Night streets March 4. We’ll have more with Alice Eve then. 

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