7 Funny Videos About Snow Days

My sister and I used to sit by the radio every snowy morning and wait for the school closings list to be announced. When they finally got to the list, we had to wait through all announcements for all the other schools before they finally got to ours. These days, kids get awesome snow day raps on YouTube by their principals. Damn it! Here are 7 funny videos about snow days:


Snow Days – Finding Out It’s A Snow Day

*Tosses Books Into Snow*


Snow Days – Durham Academy Weather Announcement

Vanilla Ice wishes he was still as cool as this school principal.


Snow Days: The Musical

Wanna watch The Rescuers Down Under for the one thousandth time?


Snow Days – School Closing: Stephens Elementary

Oh man. These two!


Snow Days – Office Prank

Shredded documents are the best snow.


Snow Days – School Choir School Closing Announcement

How come the school choir still had to come in?


Snow Days – Yay!

If you’re that excited, you should be able to take off school.


Geoffrey Golden is a bestselling author and Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator comedy magazine.