Fashion Squibs: UK Personal Shopper Lilya Chair Knows Style


The finest men’s shops in London surround Sloane Square, Mayfair and St. James’s Square.

SQUIB: a : a short humorous or satiric writing or speech; b : a short news item. (Merriam-Webster)

This first Fashion Squib saved me from another day of dressing like a lummox.

Lilya Chair is a French born, London based fashion consultant and personal shopper who specializes in aiding men and women in find what clothing works best for them within their given budget.


London Personal Shopper Lilya Chair.

She guides her customers through the well-worn streets of Central London, visiting the myriad of high end to midrange stores.

Chair allows her clients to gravitate toward their favorite looks, but she's eager advise on possibilities, habits and trends that could turn a wardrobe around.

She often works in connection with London's Draycott Hotel as part of that venue's Personal Shopping guest package.

I took a walk with Chair around Mayfair, St. James's Park and Chelsea as she directed me toward some of London's more traditional, rugged and masculine stores.

Fortunately for me, she's far too good at her job to look at me and think "high fashion" or "metrosexual."

She also offered some outstanding basic fashion points that every man should consider — especially properly sized me of 6'2" and above, like myself.

Some of these points seem obvious, others more surprising. But, put it all together and the subject will simply have to look better than he does beforehand:

  1. Always make sure that what you are wearing fits.
  2. Get a good tailor in your contacts so he can help to adjust the clothes.
  3. Stay with light weight fabrics.
  4. Simplicity. Always dress in simple way .
  5. Buy shirts with spread collars.
  6. Wear a hat — and not a baseball cap.
  7. Maintain well-groomed facial hair.
  8. Choose medium to large accessories such as scarves.
  9. Find a look and always be you.