NBA All-Star Weekend: All-Time Biggest Surprises

All-Star Weekend is all about the biggest stars in the NBA coming together in order to show off. Virtually every Hall of Famer of our generation has been part of the festivities; it's hard to surprise anyone with that much talent on the floor.  But believe it or not, there have been a few major jaw-dropping moments over the years.

Here are 5 of the biggest shockers in the history of All-Star Weekend…

numbers_set_01Spud Webb – 1986 Slam Dunk Contest

Anthony (Spud) Webb

Let's begin with one of the most obvious — the little man nearly every basketball fan knows, Spud Webb. Webb not only shocked onlookers en route to earning the 1986 Slam Dunk title, but even surprised his teammate Dominique Wilkins in the process. Webb, who only stood at 5'7", was the shortest player to ever compete in the competition. Watching him dunk literally looked like you were watching a munchkin moon-jump — it defied gravity.

Beating Wilkins — who was 6'8" — in the contest wasn't easy, as Wilkins was one of the most dominant dunkers in the 80s, even beating out Michael Jordan in a previous contest. Webb didn't even get a shot in the NBA until 1985 because of his size; just a year later he was a national celebrity because of that size.