The Shelf Space Awards: January 2014

I got back from the Sundance Film Festival only to find a stack of Blu-rays for the films from Sundance 2013 waiting for me. That’s about the timespan of these things: premiere in January, get distribution throughout the year, on home video by the following January. Seriously, the Sundance Blu-rays include The Spectacular Now, Charlie Countryman, 20 Feet From Stardom, Fruitvale Station, In a World and We Are What We Are. There’s even the TIFF premiere Enough Said out on Blu-ray for good measure. It may be possible to reconstruct Sundance on Blu-ray, but not every single January Blu-ray deserves permanent space on your shelf. That’s what The Shelf Space Awards are for.

Fred Topel is a staff writer at CraveOnline and the man behind Best Episode Ever and The Shelf Space Awards. Follow him on Twitter at @FredTopel.