Jessica De Gouw Returns For ‘Arrow’ Season 2

Last season on “Arrow,” Jessica De Gouw appeared in three episodes as Helena Bertinelli, a young woman who assumed the role of The Huntress to seek vengeance against her father, mob boss Frank Bertinelli (Jeffrey Nordling). 
While Helena was briefly the partner and lover of Oliver Queen/Arrow (Stephen Amell), she burned her bridges with him during her last appearance when she seriously injured Oliver’s girlfriend Detective McKenna while trying to murder Frank.
Given that De Gouw is currently starring on NBC’s “Dracula,” her return for the second season of “Arrow” wasn’t confirmed until TV Guide made the announcement earlier today. De Gouw will be back on the show in March during an episode called “Birds of Prey” that will pit the Huntress against both Arrow and Black Canary (Caity Lotz) as she tries to finish her father off.
In DC’s comics, Black Canary and The Huntress were two of the primary members of the superhero team, Birds of Prey alongside Barbara Gordon/Oracle. Black Canary and The Huntress were also featured in the short lived TV series “Birds of Prey” on the WB. 
The “Arrow” episode titled “Birds of Prey” will premiere on March 26.


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