Exclusive Preview: Indestructible Hulk #18

No one trusts Bruce Banner with a bomb. Unfortunately for him, that's the form his cure for the Terrigen Mist wave that's been causing Inhumans to pop up all over the world takes. Understandably, Tony Stark, Hank Pym and Hank McCoy, as his leading scientific peers, have a serious problem with that given his history with the gamma bomb. However, the bomb has now exploded, and it has a particularly curious effect – but will it actually do the job? Will Banner's genius be vindicated, or will he be tossed aside as a loose cannon – well, even more loose than usual?

Check out Crave Online's exclusive preview of Indestructible Hulk #18, by Mark Waid and artists Jheremy Raapack, Miguel Sepulveda and Tom Grummett.


Indestructible Hulk #18


Indestructible Hulk #18 P1


Indestructible Hulk #18 P2


Indestructible Hulk #18 P3


Indestructible Hulk #18 P4