30 Comic Creators to Watch in 2014

2014 might already be underway, but I think we have room for one more list. Unlike listing who we loved most in 2013, I’m shaking the Crave Online Magic Eight Ball to see who we can expect big things from in 2014. These thirty names make me giddy for the future of comics. From the Big Two to creator-owned and independents, 2014 could rise up and become one of the best years in comics. Please remember, this list is no order, this is not a best of, so don’t attach a numerical value to the quality of the artist. We certainly do not.

So, without further ado, here Are 30 Creators to Watch in 2014.



Okay, those are our thirty. Sure, we probably left some – no, actually, a huge number of up and comers out. Who are some comic creators you see taking off in 2014?