CES 2014: Braven Toughens Outdoor Speakers

Braven Outdoor Speaker Looking for a travel companion that can take a few knocks?

Braven is expanding its line of rugged, good-looking, modern versions of the boom box with what they say is the first true outdoor speaker.

Debuting at CES 2014, it’s similar in style to the wireless BRV-1 speaker, but features an exclusive outdoor listening setting that calibrates sound quality and volume to open-air environments. Known for its tough-guy audio gear, Braven takes its BRV-X to the next level with custom HD drivers, an omni-directional passive bass radiator and indoor/outdoor settings automatically adjusting output, which means none of that fuzzy, loud noise often heard outside from other speakers.

The BRV-X was designed with pool parties in mind. Its water-resistant, and comes with a built-in, noise-canceling speaker-phone. It conveniently charges USB devices (perfect pool-side), and wirelessly pairs with a second BRV-X for a blast of surround sound.


CES 2014: Day 1 at the Consumer Electronics Show; 1/7/14