Exclusive Video: Kellan Lutz on The Legend of Hercules

Welcome to The Legend of Hercules. Population: Hunky. In CraveOnline's first exclusive video interview of 2014, William "Bibbs" Bibbiani sits down with The Legend of Hercules star Kellan Lutz, formerly of Twilight fame, to talk about his pecs. Then Kellan Lutz invites Bibbs to name his pecs. Then Kellan Lutz pops one of those pecs, and gives each of them their own personality. It was a pretty good day for everyone. (Fun Fact: Kellan Lutz calls them "moobs.")

If that's not enough for you, Kellan Lutz also gives his thoughts on the history of Hercules in popular culture, describes some of the more humorous moments that were cut from the theatrical release, and tells the story of the day he got his first visible abdominal muscle.

For some of us that's enough, but if you want to see more of Kellan Lutz (a lot more, trust us, there's mud wrestling), check out Renny Harlin's The Legend of Hercules, in theaters January 10, 2014.

The Legend of Hercules Kellan Lutz

William Bibbiani is the editor of CraveOnline's Film Channel and co-host of The B-Movies Podcast. Follow him on Twitter at @WilliamBibbiani.