The 13 Best Performances of 2013 – A Second Opinion

James Franco splash

Diverse. That's what we look at when we look at performances from any given year. No two great performances are ever alike, even if they're from the same movie, even if they have several scenes together. It's perhaps the one defining standard for a great performance; it has to be wholly original, a creation of a great new person cut from whole cloth. In some instances, a pair of performances can enhance each other, making for two amazing performances that amount to an achievement greater than the sum of their dual actors.

This list of some of the best performances of they year is based solely on the performances that stuck with me, and characters that I still feel are palpable and interesting. People I feel I could talk to, even if I recognized the actor involved. Some are given by well-known actors. Others by people I had never seen until 2013. All are moving and great.

In alphabetical order…  

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