VIDEO: The Cast of Saving Mr. Banks

Okay, so I'm embarrassed. I'd been waiting out in the sun so long to interview Jason Schwartzman, B.J. Novak and Bradley Whitford – who play Richard Sherman, Robert Sherman and Don DaGradi in Saving Mr. Banks – that I blanked on Don DaGradi's name by the time I wound up on camera. I'm a jerk. But Schwartzman, Novak and Whitford are such cool froods that they let it slide and filled some time making gags about it, before I got to ask them for their favorite Sherman Brothers songs (apart from Mary Poppins), and – in my favorite question throughout the Saving Mr. Banks junket – what they thought of P.L. Travers' Mary Poppins novels, not just the celebrated Disney musical adaptation.

Saving Mr. Banks opens in select theaters on December 13, 2013, before expanding nationwide on December 20.

Saving Mr Banks Jason Schwartzman BJ Novak Bradley Whitford

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