American Airlines Perfects Business Class to London

No one should fly to London without experience a bit of class on the way  a little taste of the gentle sophistication waiting for them once they settle down into England’s greatest city.

Fortunately, American Airlines is offering a new luxury Business Class service from Los Angeles to London that blends that pleasant touch of polish with amenities that guarantee the traveler arrives in London rested and ready to tackle their affairs or enjoy what one of Europe’s capitals offers.

I’ve been lucky enough to fly First Class often. That’s not because I’m some self-important VIP with deep pockets. I have so many miles accrued through my work that I’m high on the list for free upgrades wherever I go. It’s a perk of the gig. I’ve enjoyed that front of the plane treatment on several airlines and can report that this new AA Business Class to London surpasses the traditional First Class ride.

Do you know what the only thing better than boarding first and enjoying a beverage while watching Coach people schlep down the aisles is? Try boarding first, enjoying a beverage, reading over your gourmet menu and scrolling through your movie and TV selections on your private laptop sized touch screen monitor. You can’t watch the Coach people schlep down the aisles in this case because your personal, enclosed womb chair tucks you into your own personal space.

I had just finished moving into a new space hours prior to my test flight to London. I was sore, stressed and exhausted — though looking forward to returning to London. Within minutes of settling into my seat, kicking my shoes off and putting my feet up on the adjustable rest nuzzled before my seat, I was catching my breath and enjoying a sparkling water.

Instead of dreading an 11 hour flight on top of all my moving woes, I found myself looking forward to the flight as a chance to get away from the strains of daily life. How often does anyone say that about a flight? Though I was tired, I had no desire to turn in because the setting lent itself to comfort and productivity.

During the flight, travelers in the midst of the new AA Business Class enjoy seats with:

  • Tray tables featuring a larger work surface.
  • Universal AC power outlets and USB jacks.
  • Entertainment with a 15.4-inch HD touchscreen.
  • More than 700 hours of available on-demand audio and video entertainment, including 120 movies, 180 TV shows, 350 audio selections and 30 games.
  • A Samsung Galaxy Tab. International, over Atlantic Wifi.

In addition, devoted class flight attendants are not only on call, but also dedicated to frequent checkups on their passengers. A walk-up bar is stocked with snacks and refreshments between the two gourmet meals served during the flight.

Once I enjoyed a movie and got plenty of emails answered over the water, I needed a few hours of shutdown before arrival. The fully lie-flat seat served as a snug bed — comfortable for even a 6’3” man like me.

Upon touchdown at LHR, the overall new Business Class experience on AA left me with a new sensation. As much as I love visiting London, I didn’t want the flight to end. It’ll be a long time before I’m as comfortable on an airplane as I was aboard that 777.