8 DC Characters We’d Like to See on ‘Arrow’

DC Characters We'd Like To See on Arrow

On tonight's episode of "Arrow," The CW is taking a large step towards a larger DC Universe with the introduction of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), the man who will be The Flash! Unless the forthcoming "Flash" pilot is a complete disaster, that means that "The Flash" will be joining "Arrow" next fall on The CW.

"Arrow" has already treated viewers to several appearances of well known DC characters, including Huntress and Deathstroke. The second season has continued this trend with Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), Isabel Rochey (Summer Glau), Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White) and Sin (Bex Taylor Klaus), plus there's a certain daughter of Ra's al Ghul​ coming very soon.

With almost the entire DC Universe to draw from, the creative team of “Arrow” has an overabundance of comic characters to choose from when deciding which ones to bring to life on the small screen, so here are a few we'd really like to see. And feel free to shout out the names of the characters you want to see in the comments below!