Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: The 11 Essential ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes

With all the hoopla surrounding the “Doctor Who” 50th Anniversary episode, “The Day of The Doctor,” one thing seems to be overlooked.

So much focus has been placed on the two Doctors, the villains, John Hurt, Clara Oswald, and so on… that I don’t think the scope of “Doctor Who” has been addressed. Fifty years. While maybe not the longest running show ever, “Doctor Who” is most assuredly the longest running science fiction program. I was raised on the Fourth Doctor, my best friend on the Fifth Doctor, but we really do love them all.

Each Doctor was special, and each had a run that was untouchable. In honor of the 50 years of “Doctor Who,” and those who want to check out the older Doctors, I’ve come up with 11 Essential “Doctor Who” Episodes, one for each Doctor. Note that some of these episodes are actually arcs or two part episodes, but they’re basically a single story.

These are our essential “Doctor Who” episodes. Share yours in the comment section below!