Exclusive ‘Strike Back: Origins’ Episode 5 Preview Scene

Strike Back Origins Episode 5 Preview Scene

During last week’s episode of “Strike Back: Origins,” John Porter (Richard Armitage) and Felix Masuku (Shaun Parkes) survived their last stand against the Zimbabwe thanks in part to the timely arrival of Hugh Collinson (Andrew Lincoln) and reinforcements. But that doesn’t mean that Porter trusts Collinson or that he’s forgotten that Collinson is the man responsible for the friendly fire incident that devastated Porter’s life.

But this week on “Strike Back: Origins,” Porter and Collinson have a much bigger issue on their hands. In our first preview scene, Collinson, Danni Prendiville (Shelley Conn) and Layla Thompson (Jodhi May) brief Porter on an unsettling development in Afghanistan that could turn the tide against the British and the Americans.
And in our exclusive preview scene, Porter approaches an extremist in Afghanistan while posing as an arms dealer. If you’re a “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” fan, then you may recognize a familiar face.
The penultimate episode of “Strike Back: Origin” makes its American premiere tonight on Cinemax!