Homefront: Exclusive TV Spot

Jason Statham has fought Jet Li, Scott Adkins, his own adrenal glands and the cinematic track record of Uwe Boll, but is he any match for… James Franco? Probably, but that sounds like fun anyway. Statham and Franco co-star in Homefront, a new action thriller from director Gary Fleder (Kiss the Girls), screenwriter Sylvester Stallone (Rocky), and co-starring Winona Ryder (Star Trek), Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns), Frank Grillo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), Rachelle Lefevre (White House Down) and Clancy Brown (Highlander). Statham stars as a former DEA agent who runs afoul of Franco’s small town meth lord, and then they sit down over coffee and have a polite conversation about it.

Kidding! There’s lots of action and stuff. Check out this CraveOnline Exclusive TV spot for Homefront, in theaters November 27.


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