The B-Movies Podcast #145: Thor Means Funny Hats

B-Movies Thor Funny Hats

We're sorry, okay?! Geez, cut us some slack. We've been at this for nearly three years and you could count the number of times we've posted more than a day late on one hand. We're sorry. We know you missed The B-Movies Podcast with hosts William "Bibbs" Bibbiani and Professor Witney Seibold last Friday, but the good news is you get TWO episodes this week! That's some small consolation, right?

This (last) week on The B-Movies Podcast, Bibbs and Witney are reviewing Thor: The Dark World and The Book Thief, saying goodbye to Blockbuster Video (you can read Witney's more carefully worded thoughts on the matter here), and covering all the rest of the latest movie news and whatnot: Robert De Niro and Reese Witherspoon sign up for the second most unwanted comedy on the horizon, George Lopez and Marisa Tomei sign up for the most unwanted comedy on the horizon, Star Wars hits some snags, Marvel Studios expands to Netflix, Justin Lin is in talks for Where Are The Chems Part 2, and more, more, more, occasionally a little less, and even more.

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