Exclusive ‘Strike Back: Origins’ Episode 3 Preview Scene

During the second episode of “Strike Back: Origins,” it was revealed that Section 20’s leader, Hugh Collinson (Andrew Lincoln) was the man who killed British soldiers during an ill-fated rescue mission in Iraq before the Second Gulf War.

When John Porter (Richard Armitage) attempted to extract the only eyewitness — a young man named As’ad (Fenar Mohammed Ali) — Collinson ordered As’ad to be left behind as he ran from terrorists who were trying to kill him.

But it’s too late. Porter knows the truth, which may be why he accepted Collinson’s offer to join Section 20.

In this week’s first preview clip from the third episode of “Strike Back: Origins,” Collinson and Layla Thompson (Jodhi May) brief Porter on his first official mission with Section 20: the rescue of former SAS soldier, Felix Masuku (Shaun Parkes) from an African prison.



And in the exclusive preview scene, Porter and Masuku hit a dead end while attempting to escape from the prison in Africa. But that just means that they will have to make their own way out…



“Strike Back: Origins” continues tonight on Cinemax!


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