STAR CARS Ep 13: Mad Max Machines at Wasteland Weekend

In the post-apocalyptic wasteland, it’s survival of the fastest! And nothing’s faster than Max’s Interceptor V8 Pursuit Special, just one of the insane cars we profiled at Wasteland Weekend, an annual Burning Man-style desert weekend for Mad Max fans.

Also rumbling through Wasteland Weekend: a kick-ass limousine gunboat, a naval Camaro festooned with a harpoon and mermaid, a hot-rod Mercury, and a real Thunderdome. Host Athena Stamos even dove in as a judge in the hugely competitive car contest. Which road warrior took home the top prize?

Haven’t heard of Mad Max?  Yeah, there’s a new videogame coming out in 2014, and a feature film starring Tom Hardy called Mad Max: Fury Road.  But to true fans, you can’t ever top the classics — the original 1979 low-budget hit Mad Max and the ante-raising 1981 follow-up The Road Warrior a.k.a. Mad Max 2. As for the third film, the Hollywood blockbuster-friendly Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome…well, see it for Tina Turner.   

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And for more Wasteland Weekend coverage, check out our cool music video featuring more of the Wasteland craziness.


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