Video Fight Club: Week 11 – Momma Outta Bullets vs. Viewers Like You

Video Fight Club is a weekly web war, a fight to the e-death, mano e video, between two comedic shorts.

ViewerslikeYou returns to battle yet again as we return with the weekly battle Video Fight Club! Our champion will move on to face off against a new challenger this week.  You can check out last week's videos here.

If you've been paying attention, you're probably like "Hey Sam, good job on the math… you skipped Match number TEN!" That's what we'd like you to think! Actually, VFC 10 was held offline (it exists, trust me I've seen it.. there's a world outside the internets. But it's ugly.)

Last Friday, for the first time ever, we held a Wild Card tournament live in Hollywood Calif. at the IO Improv. Teams submitted online and showed up live with videos and the winner of that wild card match now takes on our reigning champion.


But now, it's time to meet this week’s teams.

This ViewerslikeYou presents 'Investigation: Why Did My Girlfriend Break Up With Me?'

And our challenger Momma Outta Bullets with 'Sunset'


Now, Let's Watch Some Videos


Do you create sketch comedy? Think you can take on our champion? Click here to submit your first video!


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