The Last Days on Mars: Exclusive TV Spot

Man, movies really hate Mars, don't they? The fourth rock from the sun just can't seem to catch a break as far as Hollywood is concerned. It's always the site of extra-terrestrial menaces, isolated survival stories and four-armed Willem Dafoes. Add to that list the new sci-fi thriller The Last Days on Mars, which stars Liev Schreiber (Scream), Olivia Williams ("Dollhouse") and Elias Koteas (Teenage Mutatant Ninja Turtles) as astronauts whose trip home takes a detour into terror at the last minute. 

The Last Days on Mars heads to theaters on December 6, but you can watch it on VOD on October 31, just in time to round out your Halloween horror marathon with something new from director Ruairi Robinson, based on a short story by author Sydney J. Bounds. We've got an all-new preview for you in the form of this CraveOnline Exclusive TV spot. Enjoy!

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The Last Days on Mars Liev Schreiber