Xavier Dolan To Star In Montreal-Filmed Flick

Filmmaker Xavier Dolan is also an actor and will be appearing in the screen adaptation of the successful play “The Elephant Song,” which will be filmed in Montreal.

According to a Global News article, the flick, which has a budget of around $7 million, is a drama that follows a psychiatrist who is investigating the disappearance of his colleague who questions a disturbed patient, played by Dolan, and finds himself caught in a complex mind game. Other stars in the movie include Bruce Greenwood (“Star Trek”), Carrie-Anne Moss (“The Matrix”), and Catherine Keener (“Enough Said”).

Dolan has already enjoyed many accolades even though he is only 24 years old – the Montreal native has a laundry list of projects that he has worked on, from directing to acting to doing voicework. He has won a number of prizes and awards at the annual Cannes Film Festival as well as two Genies.

Production on “The Elephant Song” is expected to begin shortly.

Photo: Cinzia Camela/WENN.com