Horror Icons vs. Superheroes: 12 Fights We’d Like To See

Horror Icons vs. Superheroes


Halloween fast approaches. All Hallows Eve will come and bring with it costumes, candy, and, of course, horror movies. While most eyes will be on the influx of sexy outfits in the costume world, the true Halloween fan will consume candy and probably alcohol, enjoy the left handed cigarette, and watch as many horror movies as they can.

While enjoying a bit of an early turn with said left-handed cigarette, I began flipping through comic books. That’s when it hit me. The age old “who would win” argument that has echoed off the halls of comic book stores for decades could now be put to the ultimate test. Heroes against horror movie killers. Just think of the excitement. So, with that in mind I came up with 12 Horror Movie Killers vs. Superhero Battles We Want To See.

BTW if any video game company makes Killers vs. Heroes fighting game. I want in!!