Top 10 Sports Faceoffs We Wish Had Happened


It’s fight time — and this one will be good.

In the latest edition of Bellator MMA, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson gets matched up against Tito Ortiz, two fighters who have dominated the MMA landscape for years, but, surprisingly enough, they’ve never squared off in the ring before now.

And now that this epic battle is finally going to happen, it got us thinking about other legendary sports figures that never had the chance to face-off. So, in honor of the Jackson/Ortiz match (happening Nov. 2 at  the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, Calif.), here’s our top 10 fantasy rivalries of all time…

[EDITORS NOTE: The Jackson-Ortiz match was cancelled after Ortiz suffered a fractured neck during training.  So now, you can chalk up the Jackson-Ortiz pairing as another great faceoff we hope to see — someday…]



Photos: Getty Images