11 Times Taunting Went Terribly Wrong In An MMA Fight

Taunting might be a good way to get into an opponent’s head, but there’s also a chance it’s just going to piss them off a lot and make them want to pound your face in for personal reasons beyond the already professional reasons they have. These fighters would definitely agree with that sentiment. Some taunted before the match while others decided to try it out in the middle of a fight, but all of them certainly regret their decisions. Here are 11 times taunting went terribly wrong. UFC 200 fighters should take note.

1. Nordine Taleb vs. Erick Silva

At UFC 196, Silva took a cheap shot at Taleb by pretending to touch gloves at the beginning of the fight, then throwing a punch instead. He seemed really pleased with himself until the next round when Taleb cleanly knocked him out. Sometimes karma comes along sooner than you expect.

2. Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva

At UFC 183, Anderson Silva was looking to counter Nick Diaz instead of immediately engaging with him. Diaz grew frustrated with it and started begging Silva to engage with him to the point that he actually laid down on the mat. Turns out he probably should’ve made a few more moves of his own because he ended up losing the match to a decision.

3. Murilo Rua vs. Tony Bonello (click for full fight)
mma taunting, murilo ninja rua tony bonello
At EliteXC, “The Return of the King” Tony Bonello did everything he could to intimidate Murilo Rua during their pre-fight instructions. It clearly had no impact on Rua, and a little over three minutes into the first round, Bonello got pounded to the point that the ref stopped the fight. Trash talking is fine unless you can’t back it up. And, at some point, you’re probably not going to be able to back it up.

4. Brandon Vera vs. Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva absolutely destroyed Brandon Vera at UFC 125. He pounded him so much that, at one point, Silva was behind Vera, and just started slapping him. It was certainly a huge sign of disrespect. Silva won the match, but Vera got some redemption when Silva’s drug test came back positive for steroids and the match was declared a no-contest. That has to make at least a little of the sting go away, right?

5. Chris Leben vs. Terry Martin

At UFC Fight Night 11, Chris Leben and Terry Martin were in an absolute slugfest when Leben landed a couple of huge punches to Martin’s face. His mistake was taking a step back and taunting Martin because it gave him just enough time to gather himself and land a knockout blow of his own. It just proves once again that you can’t stop until the fight is over.

6. Shinya Aoki vs. David Gardner

This one is regrettable. David Gardner had Shinya Aoki on his back and, for some reason, decided to wave to the crowd and yell, “Hello Japan!” Aoki immediately took advantage of the blunder by applying a rear-naked choke. Gardner tapped out a few seconds later.

7. Ben Nguyen vs. Julian “Julz The Jackal” Wallace

Julz was certainly confident going into his fight against Nguyen at Nitro MMA 11 in Australia. He was doing everything except actually throwing a punch during their weigh-in. But Nguyen took it all in stride and knocked him out in the real fight in less than 20 seconds.

8. Andy Souwer vs. Ardalan Shiekhoteslami

This one wasn’t in the UFC, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. K-1’s Andy Souwer had just landed a knee to Shiekhoteslami, which apparently didn’t faze him, so he dropped his hands and shook his head to taunt Souwer. Then he immediately got knocked out. Keep your hands up, kids. There’s a reason that’s the first lesson they teach you.

9. Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm

No one thought Ronda Rousey would lose her fight against Holly Holm at UFC 193; especially Ronda Rousey. She had gone on and on about how she was going to demolish Holm, but things definitely didn’t go as planned. Holm dominated Rousey in the first round and by the second Rousey was fighting desperately, which led to her being knocked out and her undefeated streak coming to an end.

10. Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva

During UFC 162, the always cocky Anderson Silva started taunting Chris Weidman, which isn’t surprising. But his arrogance went too far and ended up resulting in his knockout. It was so bizarre that some people thought he might have thrown the fight. His camp called it ridiculous, as it seems he just underestimated Weidman a little too much.

11. Gary Goodridge vs. Amir Rahnavardi

Taunting isn’t a good idea, unless you’re Gary Goodridge. We included this one because it’s just so over the top and comical that it had to have been absolutely terrifying for his opponent. Amir was hitting Goodridge with everything he had at Pride FC 3, but Goodridge wasn’t going down. At around the 7:45 mark, Amir had a hip throw reversed and started trying to throw punches. Not only was Goodridge unfazed, he started requesting more and yelling “Woo!” in his best Ric Flair impression. Seconds later, Goodridge landed a monster punch and ended the fight. Other trash talkers should take a lesson from this guy.