Week 8 Fantasy Football: Who’s Up, Who’s Down?

It was a rough football weekend for your resident fantasy football viewer. Not only did the Bears lose defensive star Lance Briggs for four to six weeks to a shoulder injury, but they also will be without quarterback Jay Cutler as he rehabs a torn groin — ouch. That means Da Bears will be starting the immortal — drum roll please — Josh McCown under center for the next several weeks. I’m already having nightmares of two-yard check-downs.

I couldn't have had a worse weekend than Peyton Manning, though. The Broncos quarterback not only tasted defeat at the hands of his former team for his first loss of the season, but also watched his former No. 1 target, Reggie Wayne, drop to the turf with a torn ACL that will end the receiver’s season.

The biggest takeaway from that game, other than Manning looking mortal for the first time all season, is that the Colts are officially the most puzzling team in the league. Indianapolis has beaten the 49ers, Seahawks and Broncos, lost to the Dolphins and almost lost to the Raiders. That makes me more confused than Vontae Davis after last night’s win. Whether the Colts are serious contenders or not, we’re definitely working hard to prepare for Tom Brady in this week’s trends.