CraveOnline Poll: Breaking Bad Yes, Parties No for Halloween, Say Crave Readers

Halloween mask

If you've got big plans for hitting up a handful of parties Halloween night and generally tearing up the night like a rock star…well, you're apparently in the minority.

CraveOnline visitors are instead setting aside time on All Hallows' Eve so they can sit at home in their Captain Kirk uniform, waiting for the doorbell to ring.

No, really…that's what you told us.  OK, maybe not that exactly…but pretty close.

For shame, party people…for shame.

Not a fantastic showing on the adventurous scale in the latest CraveOnline poll of our readers, charting your thoughts and opinions on whatever we decide to ask you about.  And with the crisp air of fall settling over the nation, that ominous sense of fear and horror you feel each October — not to mention the yearnings for mountains of fun-sized Milky Way bars and disgust at the mere thought of candy corn — means Halloween is inching ever closer.

First off, we asked the same question you've been asked ever since kindergarten…who ya wanna be for Halloween this year?  The easy winner: anybody from the world of fiction. 

An overwhelming 60 percent said they'll be suited up as a favorite movie, TV or comic book character this year.  So, expect the ongoing swarm of Avengers, Justice Leaguers, Jedi and Starfleet personnel you saw at your door last year to continue this time around.  Voters were fairly evenly split between a host of real-life costume options with politicians (19 percent), athletes (11 percent) and celebrities (9 percent) all vying for second-place scraps.


October 2013 Q1

While the consensus was clear that dressing up as a pop culture character was the way to go this year, opinion was pretty evenly split over the most-anticipated outfits this Halloween.  When asked which costume you were most looking forward to seeing this year, trick-or-treaters dressed as Walter White or the characters from "Breaking Bad" were the narrow winner with 35 percent of the vote.  Wanting to look like a cancer-stricken meth dealer just barely eked past Superman, Batman, Captain America and the rest of the crimefighting superhero set (30 percent).

Those were followed closely by 27 percent of readers who wanted to see Miley Cyrus lookalikes.  We're going to presume those are guys who are always down to see a mostly naked 20-year-old with a shaky grip on reality knock on their door, regardless of the holiday or season.


October 2013 Q2

Here, however, is where you guys let us down.  When quizzed about your plans for Halloween night, an overwhelming 56 percent of you said no, no parties — or fun — for me. I'll just sit here and stare at the walls, thanks. 

So to sum up, more than half of you think the rewards of actually going out and, you know, doing something isn't worth the headache of dealing with typical Halloween hassles like drunk people, costumed drunk people and…well…drunk people.  The remaining 44 percent of you seem pretty evenly divided between hitting up a house party Halloween night (16 percent), stopping in at a bar or club for their bash (13 percent) or even just heading over to the cineplex to check out a good scary movie (15 precent.)

Overall, though…disappointing, guys…

October 2013 Q3

And since Halloween is practically synonymous with horror movies these days, we had to ask which new scary movie was on your shortlist to see this year.  Again, there was an true consensus choice: the Carrie remake with Chloe Grace Moretz (and if you haven't seen the Kick-Ass star answer questions about her role in the Stephen King classic, do yourself a favor and check it out).

While 59 percent of you are up for watching a girl with freaky powers (SPOILER ALERT for a 40-year-old story that's already been made into a movie before) kill off her high school, that only leaves 19 percent of you to watch a crazy family in the Catskills (We Are What We Are), 13 percent of you to care about a crazy haunted house (Dark Touch) and just 10 percent to pay attention to crazy clegy (Nothing Left to Fear).

October 2013 Q4

But, c'mon…you can go see the movie…or ALL of those movies Oct. 30 or Nov. 1, right?  Our advice — make some big plans for Halloween night, whether it a party with friends, a club, a haunted hayride, whatever.  Get out and enjoy all the easy scares and outlandish costumes.  Halloween comes but once a year…and with Christmas bearing down on us, we've gotta get this whole holiday thing off on the right foot early.

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