Turtle Beach Has 4 Headsets Ready for PS4 Launch

Do you like to hear every sound that is happening around you when playing a game? Well, Turtle Beach is working on making sure you have the option when playing PS4 from day one forward.

Turtle Beach is pushing to go past every other headset manufacturer by making it so that when the PS4 releases, you will be able to play all the brand new games with headphones that keep your parents, or roommates from yelling at you to ‘turn it down’. Turtle Beach is set to release four different headsets that will work with the PS4, letting you enjoy every little sensation of the next generation of gaming. These headsets range in sound quality, build quality, and price.

The PS4 lineup includes:

  • Ear Force PX4
  • Ear Force XP510
  • Ear Force PX51
  • ​Limited Edition Call of Duty Phantom

If you’re all about having an advantage then a headset purchase at PS4 launch isn’t a bad idea. With them you can make sure to hear the footstep of your enemies in Call of Duty: Ghosts and communicate with your squadmates in Battlefield 4. 

You can learn more about Turtle Beach’s lineup at Gamerhub.