Tech Squibs: Multiple Sightings of Blue ‘Nessie’ Recorded


SQUIB: a : a short humorous or satiric writing or speech; b : a short news item. (Merriam-Webster)

This Tech Squib could live in a lake in Scotland. If it was Scottish. And alive. And waterproof. It's not.

The Nessie from Blue Microphones obviously takes its name from the shape of the mike's head and the legendary Highlands lake monster. The design and marketing gimmicks aside, the Nessie is a good option for anyone looking to do quality recording from a home office or amateur setting.

nessie2Retailing for about $100, Nessie's face forward design is aimed at recording vocals, musical and voiceovers for podcasts, video voice overs or audio for online video.

When I say it's best for amateurs, it's not because it offers subpar audio quality. In fact, it's because the Nessie is easy to use and automatically corrects a lot of the mistakes an amateur would make.

Built–in features like headphone monitoring, mute, pop filter and shockmount automatically apply solid recording techniques for useable audio that could've otherwise been buried by poor technique.

To save the user having to master a soundboard or learn how levels and EQ work, the Nessie surfaces with three basic recording modes: Voice, Music or Raw. Each clicks into preset recording levels to produce useable audio without fidgeting with levels. And, when finished, it's a plug and play download into your Mac or PC.

Blue makes higher end audio equipment for professional recording, but that's not what the Nessie does. This gadget is on the scene to protect the aspiring recording artist from his or her own mistakes.