Top 5 Week Five College Football Games To Watch Saturday


I love college football Saturdays. I turn off the internet. Hide my phone. I start recording two games at a time on two different T.V.s so I can skip commercials. From the moment Lee Corso puts a mascot head to Hawaii finishing way out west, I’m glued.

I don’t expect anyone to be like me. You probably won’t get around to every game. For those of you with lives, here are the Top 5 College Football games this weekend.

Notre Dame has been doing a great Breaking Bad impression this past year. They rose up from the mediocrity, got close to the top and then started to fall. Any thought of dynasty building was a charade. They have snuck by on luck. Oklahoma has flirted around the edges for a while now. A big win over Notre Dame will help their resume. A Notre Dame win will help to silence naysayers.

Upset alert! The Crimson Tide don’t have many trip-up games on their schedule so get them where you can. Ole Miss might get a sneaky win and you want to be there when it happens. Worse comes to worse… you can switch the channel if Saban & Co. is prepared.

The Huskies have taken a ‘if you can’t beat the Ducks, join the pack’ strategy by stealing Oregon’s high-flying, high-number of plays scheme. Defenses have played tired and Washington has been fun to watch with the nation’s #3 overall offense at 629 yards per game. This may not be two top teams (even in their own conference) but the game should be exciting to watch.

Ohio State hasn’t lost since before the NCAA sanctions fell upon the Buckeyes more than a year ago. Wisconsin is playing with a chip on their shoulder. Both feature strong defenses and a good run attack. Something is going to have to give. Braxton Miller is back under center for the Badgers.

Poor Georgia. They face their third top 10 ranked team in four weeks. They are one of the most talked about team’s week in and week out. LSU, on the other hand, is having the least talked about top five worthy season of any team. Both teams will need the win if they want a chance at the BCS Championship. There are personal stories at stake for the QBs too. Georgia’s Aaron Murray needs to start showing he can win big games sooner or later before draft day. LSU’s Zach Mettenberger used to play at Georgia, where his Mom works.

Brian Reddoch is a CraveOnline reporter and rabid fan of all teams Seattle. You can follow him on Twitter @ReddReddoch or “like” CraveOnline Sports on Facebook

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