Hellbenders: Exclusive Red Band Trailer Premiere

If you want to beat them… join 'em. Writer/director J.T. Petty adapts his own comic book Hellbenders to the big screen, and it's a debaucherous tale of Catholic Priests who sin for a living. Clifton Collins Jr., Clancy Brown, Dan Fogler and Robyn Rikoon have to do every sinful thing into the book in order to attract a demonic possession, so they can then kill themselves and drag the unholy entity back to Hell. It's a crazed twist on the stuffy possession subgenre, and in this CraveOnline Exclusive premiere of the red band trailer for Hellbenders, we think you'll agree that it looks like a lot of fun.

Hellbenders premieres in theaters and on VOD (and 3D VOD!) on October 18.

Hellbenders Dan Fogler Robyn Rikoon Clifton Collins Jr