James Cameron: Gravity is “Best Space Film Ever Done”


When James Cameron lauds your technical achievement, you have probably done something pretty noteworthy. We have no idea how Alfonso Cuaron feels about Cameron, but we bet he feels pretty good about the Avatar director calling his next movie Gravity "the best space film ever done."

Cameron offered his opinion following his screening of the movie at the Venice Film Festival, at which Gravity premiered. Crave's CinemaBlend website posted Cameron's full quote:

“I think it’s the best space photography ever done, I think it’s the best space film ever done, and it’s the movie I’ve been hungry to see for an awful long time." 

Cuaron reportedly pioneered new techniques for shooting and rigging actors to look like they were floating through space to make his movie about a disaster in orbit as realistic (and frightening) as possible. 

Gravity, starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, opens everywhere October 4.