Top 5 Remaining NFL Preseason Questions


It's hard to believe that the start of the 2013 NFL season is just a little over a week away. It seems like just yesterday that mini-camps were being held. Before we begin the journey to the Super Bowl, though, there is still a little matter of finishing the final week of preseason.

Traditionally the most boring week of preseason with a large number of starters not suiting up, there is still a few interesting storylines floating around that warrant us paying attention. Below are five of the biggest ones heading into week four of the preseason and week one of the regular year. These games alone show why the NFL still needs four preseason games; sometimes it just takes four to get the answers you need.

Who Will the Buffalo Bills Start Week 1?

As of right now the plan in Buffalo is that undrafted rookie Jeff Tuel will be under center come week one of the regular season. However, there is still a longshot that E.J. Manuel will return to practice next week and get the nod. Also, don't rule out recently signed Matt Leinart or Thaddeus Lewis. Either quarterback could get consideration with a good outing in the final preseason game.

Will Tim Tebow Make the final cut in New England?

Isn't it crazy how far Tim Tebow has fallen since leading the Denver Broncos to an upset overtime win over the Pittsburgh Steelers just two seasons ago? From a playoff starting quarterback to just trying to make an NFL squad, the trials and tribulations of Tebow has been enough to demoralize even the most positive of people.

Tebow, however, doesn't have the luxury of feeling hard on himself because he still has a shot to make the Patriots roster. New England is going to give him every opportunity in the final preseason game to show them he is one of the best 53 men on their roster. Thursday night's performance against the Giants certainly helps.

Will Matt Flynn lose the Oakland Raiders starting job to Terrelle Pryor?

Matt Flynn is in trouble of losing out on a starting quarterback job for the second straight year. After a dismal performance against the Chicago Bears last week that saw Flynn throw two interceptions, get sacked and lose a fumble in just nine dropbacks, he has lost the faith of the Raiders organization and will find himself riding pine in their final preseason game.

In comes Terrelle Pryor who, while not to be confused with an accurate passer, is a better runner and may be better suited to play behind Oakland's awful offensive line. If Pryor can manage a good outing this week, he will get the starting nod in week 1.

Who will be the starting running back for the Denver Broncos?

If you were to ask Denver Broncos head coach John Fox who he supports for the starting running back job, then Ronnie Hillman is your man. Trust be told though, Hillman has looked awful this preseason and rookie Montee Ball hasn't looked much better. In fact, Knowshon Moreno is the one back on Denver's roster that has looked competent this preseason.

With the last week of preseason upon us, all three backs are going to get one more chance to show what they have. If Ball, who has worked with the 'ones' this week, can impress enough, he will get the starting nod in week one. If not, look for Moreno to step in and secure the spot at least for the first couple of weeks.

Who will get injured this week?

While I would never wish injury on another fellow living soul, the way this preseason has shaped up is that someone, if not a few, is going down for the season with an injury. It's not a matter of if but a matter of who and all teams will be looking and hoping to avoid any key players being lost for the season.

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